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Pet-Friendly Hotels in Quebec

Local getaways and staycations have really become my thing and when my guy and I book a hotel (or are invited to stay at a hotel), I always ask if they are pet-friendly because I don’t like leaving my BFF behind. More and more hotels are becoming beyond pet-friendly, providing amenities and services that make ...


(English) On losing a pet

A recent radio program stated that psychologists believe it is detrimental to humans to treat our pets as we would our children. A little voice inside my head said “perhaps,” but when you can’t have children and you substitute that need with a pet, you accept that the loss of said pet will likely hit ...


(English) This little doggy went to Stowe Mountain Lodge

Special guest blogger: Mac the Knife (Carrie’s mini-schnauzer) In December, my mistress and her man took me to Stowe, Vermont to a very fancy ski lodge. Usually I get left behind at the sitter’s, so I was stub-tail-wagging happy to be along for the three hour car ride (I love road trips!) Little did I know, ...