Celebrating my neighbourhood and Montreal for the McCord Museum’s Sugar Ball

For over 16 years, I’ve been discovering all there is to love about Montreal. There’s the historical Montreal, the bilingual Montreal, the artsy Montreal, the foodie Montreal and the diverse cultural Montreal that keeps me loving my chosen city more year after year. I’ve lived in HOMA, Old Montreal and last year, I moved to the swank Golden Square Mile where we purchased a cute little house. To truly discover all the nooks and crannies of a neighbourhood, you really have to live it. I am constantly discovering new spots, new people and learning about the history of my hood. That’s why I was happy to be chosen as an ambassador of the Golden Square Mile on behalf of the McCord Museum and their annual fundraiser, the Sugar Ball.

The Sugar Ball is a fun party held each year at the Gare Windsor. This year’s ball is being held on Friday, May 5th and will be even more of a party considering Montreal also turns 375 this year. The goal of the ball is to raise enough money in order to send roughly 10,000 primary and secondary students to visit the McCord Museum. That way, the next generation can learn about the 375 years of history of Montreal through the museum’s amazing exhibits and collections.The place I chose to feature that I feel best represents my love for the Golden Square Mile is the iconic Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Sine 1912, the Ritz has been known to host the city’s elite as well as local and international celebrities. I’ve been hanging out at the Ritz since it reopened in 2012 after an extensive makeover. You can usually find me at the bar in Maison Boulud, the hotel’s restaurant, or in the gorgeous Palm Court enjoying a glass of bubbly or afternoon tea. I love the Ritz for its grandeur and history – it feels like my second home.

I hope you’ll join me at the Sugar Ball to not only have a great time, but to support a great cause!

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