(English) This little doggy went to Stowe Mountain Lodge

Special guest blogger: Mac the Knife (Carrie’s mini-schnauzer)

In December, my mistress and her man took me to Stowe, Vermont to a very fancy ski lodge. Usually I get left behind at the sitter’s, so I was stub-tail-wagging happy to be along for the three hour car ride (I love road trips!) Little did I know, that I was headed for some VIP (Very Important Pooch) pampering. Let me tell you, the folks at Stowe Mountain Lodge really know how to show a dog a good time!

The Stowe-away
It was my first trip across the border, but I slept through the whole border-crossing experience. Stress for my Mistress, because she wasn’t totally sure that she had all the proper papers for me, but since I’m such a good back-seat downward-dog, the guard didn’t even see me. So, since no questions were asked, I made it through without any awkward pup-frisking.

The Reception
The gals at Stowe Mountain Lodge must have known that I was coming because when we checked in, there was a gift bag for me. In the bag: giant dog biscuits in the shape of a ski boot and a box of popcorn. Now I’m no skier, but that boot went downhill like nothing! Since it was close to the holidays, the lobby was decked-out with a giant Christmas tree made out of poinsettias – very tempting to potty in one of those potted plants, but that’s not my style. Although, my argyle-style did go very nicely with the tree, don’t you agree?

The Digs
Back home I have my bed, I’ve got my bowls, but at SML, I had a fireplace! When I pranced into our room, I went straight to what was obviously my set-up: a cushy dog bed, an elevated set of bowls (wish my Mistress would get me one of those) and those bowls were full of…dog stuff! There was a chew toy, some treats, some doggy postcards to send to all my friends, more biscuits and some of those little plastic bags that my Mistress is always following me around with. Did I mention MORE BISCUITS!?! Man, those Vermonters sure know how to treat the Mac-ster!

The Facilities
After all that excitement and the looong drive down, I needed to use the facilities. So my lady took me outside to what’s called the Spruce Loop – a community path that goes all around the Stowe Mountain Lodge property. It takes about an hour to walk it (hotel guests and locals use it) and as my dog-given-duty will have it, I made sure that every Fido, Max, and Rover that ever cometh after me will be sure to know that I was there. I signed my name on as many pine trees as possible!

The Friends I made
Since I liked to visit the Poop Loop, er… Spruce Loop a few times a day, I got to meet a lot of different folks in the hallways and in the lobby. I swear they’d never seen a guy like me before! I mean everyone was always stopping me to compliment me on my sweater, or my boots, or my beard, or just my pure charm. I can’t say that I didn’t like the attention, but that’s a lot of hand-kissing. One little girl and I even had a good old game of tug-o-war in the lounge by the fire while my Mistress and her guy were drinking something that smelled really good.

Would I go back?
You can bet your flea-bitten bottom I’d go back, before you can even say “Dog’s your uncle!” Stowe Mountain Lodge is more than pet-friendly, it’s Gggggrrrreat! Tell your humans – it’s a bit pricey, but sooo woof it!

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Mac and his Mistress were invited by Stowe Mountain Lodge.