The Standard Café x ByKilani

More than just a neighbourhood café, The Standard Café in Westmount is a very stylish boutique coffee shop where you can work, hang out and even shop luxury leather goods by the café’s owner and designer of ByKilani. I had the pleasure to discover the café and leather goods pop-up during the official launch in December. (Thanks to my friend Caroline for reminding me about the event!)For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been treating myself to an allongé after the gym. I never thought of Westmount as a neighbourhood with great coffee, but now that’s changed. The Standard even carries all of Montreal’s star pastries: croissants from Hof Kelsten, doughnuts from Trou de beigne, gluten-free muffins and other baked goods by Sophie Sucrée and St-Viateur bagels. I’m so delighted that there is an upscale coffee shop that not only looks great, but makes an excellent espresso, allongé or whatever you fancy.Speaking of fancy, the luxury leather goods designed by Wael Kilani are on display under glass at the tallest table in the coffee shop. I always find a spot at this table and admire the wallets, card holders and other accessories as I sip my allongé or tap away on my laptop.Next time you’re in Westmount, be sure to stop at The Standard! It’s definitely become a favourite.

The Standard Cafe ByKilani
5135, Sherbrooke Street West (at Vendôme)

Photos: JF Galipeau