Pigeon Espresso Bar

It’s been awhile since I shared another cafe in my Coffee & Couture series. Pigeon Espresso Bar is right up there on my list of go-to downtown coffee shops. I like it for its quirky unpretentiousness, erroneously boasting that they serve the “world’s worst coffee” when, in reality, they make a mighty fine espresso macchiato – my choice, always. This is not a place to hang out really – there are only a few chairs at the window – which makes it the perfect pit stop when you’re rushing around on a day of errands. Duck in and enjoy the plants, the tile work, the world’s cutest logo and of course, great coffee.  If you liked this one, check out my other favourite coffee spots here: Myriade DominionSpoonPacefikaShaughnessyLeaves, Melk Bar à Café.

I’m wearing a vintage Canadian-made trench coat, a vintage Chanel bag, Converse high-tops and my favourite ring by Mira Sadi. Photos by: Ali Inay


Find Pigeon Espresso Bar here:
1392 boul de Maisonneuve 
Web | Facebook | Instagram

Open Mon-Fri from 7am-7pm
Sat & Sun from 9am-7pm