Adding to my vintage collection with Nespresso’s SELECTION VINTAGE 2014

You may have already noticed that I love vintage objects. Among the things I collect, I have a true passion for antique tea sets, vintage handbags, jewellery and powder compacts. I began collecting compacts when my Great Aunt gave me her small collection. I continued to find others in antique shops, garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops. In October, my Grandmother sent me six compacts that she had found at an antique auction. I was so pleased to receive them in the mail, and they are now prominently and proudly displayed in my home. She also bought me six Royal Albert American Beauty coffee cups and saucers because she knew that I’ve always coveted her collection of this pattern.
For a week now, I’ve been drinking an excellent vintage coffee in my Grandmother’s porcelain cups. Yesterday, Nespresso officially launched the SELECTION VINTAGE 2014, a coffee with fruity and woodsy notes that is available for a limited time. The vintage-pink coloured capsules are inscribed with the year the Arabica coffee beans were harvested from the Colombian highlands. Since I love pink and all things vintage, it seems like this coffee was custom-made for me! I love its rich flavour, and I just want to collect and save these pretty pink capsules.

Like good wines, this coffee was harvested and elaborated in ideal conditions. It also went through meticulous quality control to achieve a completely different level of taste. If you’re a fan of Nespresso and a vintage lover, I suggest you try it before it’s no longer available!
The SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 is available in OriginaLine and VertuoLine capsules for $9 for a pack of 10 capsules.

This post is sponsored by Nespresso, opinions are my own.

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