Getting back in shape thanks to SodaStream

A new year rhymes with “I want to get back in shape”, but it’s always easier said than done. I’ve had the best intentions for years now, but I’ve always lacked in motivation. This year started differently — I’ve been on the right foot for a few weeks and for three main reasons.

  1. I’ve cut back on drinking
  2. I’ve started to workout with a personal trainer
  3. I eat healthier and drink more water

What made this year different? First off, I noticed that my guy and I were drinking too much around the holidays, so I suggested we do Drynuary (sober January). I lasted 6 days! Hats off to my guy who is still dry – I admire his strength (as I sip a glass of wine). I find that January is already a boring month, so I went easy on myself and limited my drinking to weekends only. When we’re not drinking during the week, we drink water and lots of tea, which isn’t that exciting, especially around supper time. That’s why I’m glad I received a SodaStream machine to make my own fizzy water. I far prefer carbonated water with a slice of lemon with dinner over boring tap water. Plus, I’m saving the environment by not buying bottles of water.

Getting back to a routine at the gym was pretty difficult, especially since it’s been about 8 years since I’ve worked out regularly. I still can’t believe that I let myself get so out of shape! I even used to be a fitness instructor! At least, I was able to train this month with the best: Drea Wheeler at Vic Park spa & health club. I really needed someone to inspire and motivate me, someone passionate about fitness, but still sensitive to my lack of muscle toning and cardio. After only four training sessions with Drea, I’ve got my fitness mojo back and now I actually want to keep going. Getting back into working out regularly has come with added benefits: the desire to eat better, to drink less alcohol and more water. All the things that go with a healthier lifestyle and yet, without being too hard on myself. I think that’s key!

The best news I had after my last session with Drea, was when I showed her a photo of me from 2009 (when I was still in pretty great shape) and I asked “How long do you think it would take me to get back to this body?” And she said “6-8 weeks, if you work hard.” I was surprised and pleased to know that even after not taking good care of my body for 8 years, that I could get my fit me back after just 8 weeks. That’s my motivation! Now, I just have to keep on the good foot.

A big THANKS to SodaStream Canada for the training sessions with Drea and for keeping me hydrated!