A Ski Day with Blizzard Skis

I love downhill skiing and last week I was lucky to get out and ski thanks to the Austrian ski company, Blizzard. Along with a dozen other journalists and ski buffs, we rendezvoused at the Saint-Sauveur ski station. After a quick presentation of Nordica ski boots and a hearty lunch at the T-bar 70, we got to get to know the different types of skis from the new Blizzard Quattro collection.Handcrafted in Mittersill, Austria, Blizzard Quattro skis offer a range of skis designed for every type of skier. The collection includes 10 styles of unisex skis and 7 more flexible styles for women. Even after my first descent, I could tell that these are excellent skis. Very stable, agile and easy to control even at high speed. Great for someone like me, who likes to go fast!A pair of Blizzard skis cost between $500 and $1200, depending on the type you choose, during peak season. If you don’t have that kind of budget, I would wait until the end of the season when the prices drop by 40 or 50%. But, it’s always best to buy quality skis so you’ll enjoy them more. If you’re not an experienced skier, you can always rent first and try different kinds of skis to see which type you prefer.

Have you hit the slopes yet this year? Let me know what kind of skis you use!Thanks Tecnica Canada for the ski day!