(English) EOS lip balm: fun for your lips

I must have a billion lip balms, but this one, eos’s lip balm sphere definitely stands out (or, more precisely – rolls out) from the rest. I tried the strawberry sorbet, too, but it’s the lemon drop that made me pucker up! It’s lemon-y scent keeps me applying more and the fact that it contains SPF 15 makes me like it even more. And, yes, they’re fun because they look like colourful little eggs! If you’re playing Easter Bunny this weekend – throw a few of these in their baskets. Better than candy or chocolate and just as available at most drugstores.

EOS (the evolution of smooth) also makes a great moisturizing shave cream which has got me to stop using my expensive conditioner as a shave cream substitute! I recommend the Vanilla bliss, but it’s also available in two other fragrances, plus a fragrance-free for sensitive skin.

Now there’s two tips to keep your legs and lips happy!

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