(English) Charlotte Hosten’s Boutique & Atelier

I’ve been a fan of Charlotte Hosten’s necklaces since I first spotted them in a photo exhibit nearly three years ago. Not long after, I met Charlotte and commissioned her to design a custom necklace from vintage pieces of jewellery and a bit of my family tartan that had been given to me by my Scottish great-aunt. It turned out magnificently! Charlotte incorporated those sentimental elements into a design that truly reflects her style. I wear it with pride and will hopefully pass it on to my own niece or daughter some day.

A few months ago, Charlotte opened her first boutique (which is also her workshop) on Avenue Bernard in the Mile End district of Montreal. I visited the boutique in December and have been returning regularly ever since. The loveliness and thoughtfulness put into the display of her creative necklaces and bracelets, silk brooches and her coups de coeur (select vintage and new earrings, purses and throw cushions that she’s included in the boutique) makes each visit feel like you’re at a girlfriend’s apartment, oohing and aahing over her baubles and trinkets.

I must have fawned a lot over Charlotte’s designs recently because my boyfriend surprised me on the night of our anniversary with a lovely bracelet, called “You’ve got the love” from her spring collection. I guess that means when it comes to jewellery designers and boyfriends, I choose well!

Charlotte Hosten’s Boutique & Atelier
122 Avenue Bernard West

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