(English) Sephora Headquarters: The New Downtown Beauty Mecca Beckons

Finally, we’ve been blessed with our very own Sephora in our city’s centre! After years of hitting the Sephora stores in Paris, NYC and Pointe-Claire (insert frustrated look here), today marked the grand opening of the new downtown location (insert thousands of happy faces here!) Unlike any other Sephora in the world, Montreal’s headquarter store is full of unique surprises and exclusive brands that will make your next beauty product shopping trip a truly fun time. Here are a few things you might want to check out…

Make Up For Ever has its own boutique in the store (first of its kind in Canada) where you can have your make up done and use iPads that are attached to each make up station to find the right products for you. The Make Up Forever artists will also help you get the looks that you want and even teach you how to recreate them. My tip: have them create a custom-made foundation for you – I did and now it’s the only foundation I’ll wear!

Play with polish at the Sephora Nail Studio (next to the Make Up For ever boutique) where you’ll find every colour imaginable and products to create the latest nail trends – there’s even a digital menu for nail recipes and how-to videos. Everything to create nail envy among your friends. I can’t wait to try the newsprint nail kit from The New Black that I picked up (well, actually it was in my gift bag)!

Find your new favourite fragrance at the Fragrance Flight Bar which you’ll see as soon as you walk through the front door. I wasn’t sure what it was until the lovely employee, Day introduced me to it. Using your sense of scent, you choose from four different stations or categories (or try them all!): Addictive, Casual, Playful or Chic, depending on your mood or character. Each station has about 10 tulip-shaped atomizers which you squeeze to release the hidden scents. Like a blind taste test for your nose, you can then check the iPad description for each scent and reveal the fragrance linked to it. Voilà! No more impulse-buying simply for the pretty bottles, now your nose will know what suits you best.

I love everything about the new Sephora store, except maybe that it’s going to be calling my name a little too often.

677 Sainte-Catherine Street West
Open Mon – Tues & Sat: 10am to 6pm, Wed – Fri: 10am to 9pm, Sun: 11am to 5pm

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