(English) Café Aléatoire

Friday night I walked into my friend Tara’s café (which I’d been meaning to check out for some time now… bad friend!) in Griffintown. “No way!” was what she said when she saw me. I smiled… it’s so nice to be greeted in a new place by someone who really knows you. Soon I was seated at the bar, a glass of red wine was placed in front of me as I was introduced to the regulars seated beside me. I instantly felt at home and although I’d originally only intended to stay for one – four glasses and one copious plate of nachos later, I finally pushed myself away from the bar to face the cold. Walking out of Café Aléatoire to the sounds of a live jazz musician, I was still smiling and I knew that I’d be happy to repeat the evening again one day.

Café Aléatoire serves up art, food and music six days of the week (closed Mondays). Tara and her sous-chef do all the cooking and the dinner menu changes frequently. On Friday, Jay (a friendly Griffintowner seated next to me) ordered the beef stroganoff which looked incredibly good. Tara said that her brunches are very popular and I don’t doubt it, because when I checked out the brunch menu, there were a lot of great options that I would love to try. Like The Phoenix for instance – a vegan pancake made with chestnut flour and buckwheat, or The Griffon – a French toast panettone sandwich with Canadian back bacon and cheddar cheese. For lunch, Tara whips up amazing paninis and plates of pasta. If home cooking and a cozy, unpretentious atmosphere are what you’re in the mood for, Café Aléatoire is just the ticket.


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1964 Notre-Dame West

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8am – 8pm
Thursdays 8am – 11pm
Fridays 8am – 1am
Saturdays 10am – 11pm
Sundays 10am – 3pm