(English) CHANEL Sublimage

Two weeks ago, I was invited to the CHANEL boutique at The Bay for a breakfast of luxury anti-aging products. On the menu: the entire Sublimage collection, with a healthy dose of the new product, Le Fluide, a silky and powerful anti-aging product. I went home with four of the essential products from the line and have been testing them ever since. I’ve seen some results in tone, brightness and firmness and received a lot of compliments to seal the illusion of success. Chanel and Sublimage’s most loyal followers claim that the line reduces the signs of aging (spots, slackness, wrinkles and dryness). So, what’s the Sublimage secret?

The main ingredient and not-so-secret secret of the Sublimage line is called Vanilla planifolia, or the “green diamond” plant extract from a specific type of vanilla bean and flower found in Madagascar. In a very concentrated form, it works wonders as an anti-aging active in the Sublimage products. Chanel has developed its own exclusive plantation of vanilla planifolia in Madagascar where a dozen local women harvest the beans and flowers by hand between October and November. The first extraction takes place immediately after they are picked and then again in Chanel’s research centre in France. Now brace yourself, because of the labour-intensive process which produces such a small quantity of the hyper-concentrated extract, these exclusive products are sold at luxury prices.

To give you an idea, here are the prices for the products that I have:

Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser: $98
Sublimage Le Fluide (works as an anti-aging serum and is my favourite product from the line) $224
Sublimage La Crème – Texture Suprème $390
Sublimage La Crème Yeux $200

The plus side of these products is that you only need very little because they are so highly concentrated. For instance, a tiny pearl of the eye cream goes a long way and covers both eye areas. My favourite aspect about the line? The scents: lily of the valley, vanilla and linden. Subtly floral without smelling like cream for an old lady.

Now, whether you can afford to invest in becoming a Chanel skincare addict or not, is none of my business (I know that I can’t), but you’ll please excuse me while I go and insure my face.

Available at The Bay
Note: Le Fluide will be available as of April 8th