Tiffany & Co. ouvre ses portes à Montréal!

The iconic boutique with the famous little blue boxes opened its big brass doors on the corner of Sherbrooke and de la Montagne to a flock of fashionable journalists on February 17th with a pre-opening breakfast hour à la Holly Golightly (on the mimosas). We oohed and awed at the impressive trinkets and baubles, champagne flutes in hand while nibbling watercress sandwiches. I admired the collection of charm bracelets and a variety of charms ranging in price from $150 – $1,450. The most expensive (and most adorable) being a gold-plated oyster, complete with hinged shell and a tiny pearl nestled in its centre.
Not every little thing comes with a big price tag. In one glass display, I spotted an array of affordable baby gifts for any chic mom-to-be. The Tiffany Bows three-piece porcelain dining ware set for infants is a reasonable $150. Although it was the fancy silver baby combs with pink or blue tassels that had us all gushing.
As we made our way around the display counters, I ended my visit with the elegant front room, which hosts the main attraction: diamonds and other precious gems. Engagement rings with the classic Tiffany setting were tried on with wistful looks, but it was the aquamarine and diamond bow brooch that stole the show. Resembling the boutique’s signature box, this hefty pin will set your sugar daddy back  $140,000! I settled for an edible version of the little blue box, in the form of a petit-four made especially for the opening by Dansereau Caterers.

Leaving the luxury boutique in a state of bedazzled euphoria, I felt that Montreal had upped its status by becoming home to such a lovely store. As Ms. Hepburn said herself in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, “Nothing bad could ever happen to you in a place like this.”

Tiffany & Co.
1290 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1H5

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