(English) Testing the Nespresso U

My Nespresso obsession began in Switzerland, where their cool, compact machines are designed. Nearly four years ago, Nespresso sent me my first machine, the Essenza which I’ve used right up until a few weeks ago when the company sent me their latest machine – the U. And although I’m still rather attached to my Essenza (I even bought a custom-made designer sticker for the front panel to personalize it), the U has quickly become my go-to machine. Here’s why I prefer it:

1. Turns on automatically when I slide open the capsule door
2. Heats up way faster than my old Essenza (25-30 seconds)
3. The pivoting water tank can be pivoted to either side of the machine or to the back to fit any counter space
4. Defaults to the most used cup size when powered on, based on your last 11 coffees
5. Its magnetic cup holder is easily removed to accommodate larger cups
6. Ejects the used capsule automatically
7. Turns off automatically after 9 minutes, saving energy
8. Comes in four contemporary colours

To be sure that I should adopt the U, I made this little side-by-side comparison video. I think it’s time I find a new home for my Essenza!

Nespresso U – $199
Available online or at the:
Nespresso boutique
2045 Crescent