Partagez les soins Kleenex

What better time of year is there to hand someone a tissue, if not during winter (a.k.a., cold season)? When Reader’s Digest asked if I would help promote good health by participating in the Share Kleenex Care campaign, I was quick to say yes, because it would not be the first time that I offered a complete stranger a tissue.

There’s nothing worse than a runny nose – I know that I hate it when I have one, but don’t have anything to wipe with, so if someone offered me a Kleenex, I’d be so grateful! Even better, Kleenex supplied me with individual packages to share, so I figured that a complete stranger would probably be happy to receive their own personal package. Armed with my packs of Kleenex, I set out and about Montreal to share some Kleenex care. I even made a video diary of my experience!


Most of the people I offered a pack of Kleenex to seemed genuinely pleased by the gesture. I even offered one to a sales clerk while I was paying for my purchases because she was obviously suffering from a cold. It was a nice ice-breaker to wish her a speedy recovery and it made me happy knowing that I could offer some small token of my concern for her health. I think we can all sympathize when we see someone who’s sniffling or sneezing and it’s nice to be able to hand them something more helpful than a “bless you”.

Another favourite moment from my Kleenex care experience was being able to offer someone a Kleenex package in the ladies’ restroom at a restaurant. How much nicer is it to have a soft tissue to blot your lips with after applying lipstick rather than using toilet paper from one of the stalls? The funny thing was, the restroom had this fancy tissue box cover on the sink counter, but it was empty. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to share some Kleenex love.

Have you ever shared a tissue with a complete stranger? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section. If you’d like to find out more about the Kleenex Care campaign or share your Kleenex story, you can use the hashtag #ShareKleenexCare.

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