Dyson V6 Absolute

It was only recently that I realized my tiny apartment really doesn’t need a big vacuum cleaner.
During the Fashion and Design Festival, I visited the DYSON kiosk where I tested the new Dyson Absolute V6 – a lightweight and cordless vacuum. I immediately fell for the techie gadget (its small and powerful motor is digital) and it wasn’t long before Phil the PR contact suggested to send me one to test at home.

The result? I haven’t used my big vacuum since. Plus, I’ve been using the V6 practically every day because it’s so simple to take out and put away. And I swear that since I started using the V6, my allergies haven’t been as bad.

You might think it’s too expensive for a small vacuum, but if I calculate the number of times I paid for expensive vacuum bags and professional carpet and furniture cleaning, I can quickly justify the price tag. Try it and you’ll see why I love it!

Here’s a short video of the first time I used it:

Dyson V6 Absolute, $649.99

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