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Without a doubt, an espresso martini is one of my faves. Since I adore my Nespresso, of course I make my espresso martinis with shots of Nespresso coffee! I like to serve this cocktail to my guests after dinner as a digestif. Below is my version of an espresso martini that works as a pick-me-up after a big meal. Espresso martini 1
The ingredients for two martinis :
4 ounces of vodka (I keep the bottle in the freezer)
1 ounce of crème de cacao (a chocolate-based alcohol)
2 ounces of espresso (or the equivalent of two short espressos)
4 coffee beans to decorate the two martinis
1 cocktail shaker filled with ice
2 chilled martini glasses
*Note : you can replace the chocolate-flavoured alcohol with a coffee-flavoured alcohol. You can even do a combination of the two (half and half or 2/3 coffee-flavoured to 1/3 chocolate-flavoured, according to your preference).Espresso martini 2 Nespresso ProdidioPrepare all the ingredients, especially your two espressos. I chose my favourite Nespresso coffee – Arpeggio. Add the alcoholic ingredients to the shaker filled with ice and then add the coffee. Shake well and pour the contents into the martini glasses. Be sure to shake out the espresso foam from the shaker on top of each martini. Drop two coffee beans on top of the foam and, voilà, your martinis are ready!
Espresso Martini 2Espresso martini 3Espresso martini 6Espresso martini 7Espresso martini 9Espresso martini 10
I hope you enjoy this cocktail as much as I do!

Nespresso Martini Carrie MacPherson

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Photos : Ali Inay