(English) La Maison Lavande: Aromatherapy day-trip for ladies who like to lavender

A mere 45 minutes from Montreal lies the lavender field of La Maison Lavande in Saint-Eustache. Play the English Lady by donning your biggest hat and hit the highway with a girlfriend, your daughter or your mother this month. Why July? Because this is the time that the lavender is at it’s picture-perfect best! Six dollars gives you access to this picturesque picnic place where you can run your hands through the lavender blooms and enjoy an afternoon in their heady scent. You don’t even need to pack a picnic as La Maison Lavande now has all that. Head to their brand new gourmet boutique (which looks like an old-fashioned general store) and pick up a few lavender-flavoured picnic items prepared on-site by their creative chef. And quench your thirst with a lovely lavender lemonade!

Before heading back to Montreal, stop at the charming gift shop and perfumery where you’ll find an array of natural products produced locally by La Maison Lavande. I found their eco-friendly household products to be the best thing I could bring home. An all-purpose spray cleaner that is phosphate-free and their hypoallergenic laundry detergent (both biodegradable) made it into my basket. All of their products are lightly scented with lavender oil, which is naturally soothing. Soaps, lotions and candles are also popular gifts to bring back for your friends.

One little warning: Lavender-scented loveliness leaves you in a state of complete relaxed bliss, so do be careful not to nod off at the wheel on your way home!

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