Head South And Off the Beaten Path with Transat

All-inclusive doesn’t have to mean all beach all the time

The first two snowfalls of 2016 already have me dreaming of a Winter escape to warmer climes. So when Transat asked me to share a few different ways of visiting their sun destinations, I was happy to do a little fantasy research. My parents are headed to Cuba this weekend and I’ve never been, so of course I imagined myself showing up at their resort to drink Cuba Libres and toast a farewell to Castro. But then I remembered how much I enjoyed golfing in the Dominican Republic and Florida so my research took an entirely different path. Did you know that you can book a stay at a house in Florida through Transat? I had no idea, but I like the idea of living like a local. Here are a few more tips for booking a warm-weather getaway this Winter without following the norm.

When I travel, I don’t like to only spend my days at the beach or always be at a resort. I want to explore the history and culture of the country I’m visiting. The best way to do that is to get a private tour with a local insider. Ask your Transat specialist to recommend some of the best local attractions and how to see them. Another thing I like while travelling, is to stay at more than one place. For that, Transat offers Duo packages, so you can stay at two different places during your stay. Let’s say I were to head to Cuba, I could opt for a Duo experience by booking Havana & Varadero. The first part of my trip would be spent in historical Havana to enjoy its Old World charm and attractions and then the second part of the trip would be spent lying on a white sand beach in Varadero and maybe getting to know the local sea creatures by diving and snorkelling.

Another great way to travel to several beach destinations in one trip is by cruise ship! The only cruise I’d ever been on went far beyond my expectations. I didn’t think I’d enjoy a cruise because I thought it was for newly-weds and nearly-deads, but I loved how one sleeps on the boat as it travels from A to B and you’re always waking up at a new destination. During the day, we’d head out to explore the places where we’d anchored. It really is the most stress-free travel. Transat offers various Caribbean cruise packages, including exciting excursions so that you really get the most out of each place.

When I went to Venice, Florida a few years ago, my boyfriend and his family rented a nice big house with a pool. I loved having a fully-equipped kitchen to cook meals and our own private pool. It’s nice to know that Transat now offers home and apartment rentals at some of their destinations. Especially if you don’t want to constantly be rubbing shoulders with other Canadians!

Before you choose where you’re headed this Winter, be sure to check out the direct flights from your city – Transat offers direct flights to 35 sun destinations from 22 Canadian cities. That might make your decision a bit simpler.

Let me know where you’re going so I can travel vicariously through you! And you can share your trip on social media with #ExperienceTransat

This article is sponsored by Transat, opinions are my own.