France Nature Bloggers Challenge & Contest

I’m heading to France on an outdoor adventure! Sunday, I’m leaving with 5 other bloggers on Air France’s Dreamliner plane (that’s aviation speak for big, fancy new plane – see why here) and we’re heading to Paris (where I was in May – read about that trip here), but after that, we only find out which of 6 destinations we will each be sent to once we arrive at the Montreal airport. Exciting! The trip is all part of #FranceNature – an initiative to inspire travelers to explore the great outdoor activities France has to offer. Don’t you want to find out how the French stay so slim in spite of all that rich food, wine and cheese?!I can’t wait to find out where they are sending me! If you are a little bit envious of our trip, don’t be! You can follow our daily adventures with the #FranceNature hashtag and vote for your favourite of the 6 destinations to have the chance to win your own trip for two to France.To participate, visit the website between Sept 17-24 (the duration of our #FranceNature trip) and vote for your favourite of the six regions.

Since I’ve already visited four of the six regions, I’m crossing my fingers for:
1st choice: Burgundy & Champagne (duh! No-brainer)
2nd choice: Loire Valley
3rd choice: Occitanie – South of France

Although, no matter where they send me in France, I’ll be happy because wherever you go, the scenery is breathtaking and the food and wine are divine.

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