(English) Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum cleaner

James Dyson has done it again by creating this cool and powerful lightweight cordless vacuum. I put the Dyson DC35 Multi floor cordless vac to the test and really loved its compact efficiency. It’s the perfect addition to any household as a smaller, slimmer second vac. Great for whisking away crumbs after a dinner party and the long reach wand is perfect for those hard to reach nooks and crannies. The mini motorized brush bar picks up stubborn stuff like pet hair and your pet won’t get tangled in the cord because there isn’t one! Pop the hygienic dust bin open by pushing a button and all the gunk falls in the garbage. The DC35 comes with a wall mount docking station that recharges the vac when it’s not in use. And, best of all, the gun-like handle made me feel like a super hero while I was combating the dust bunnies!

At $349.99, it’s not a steal, but it is a great gadget for those who believe in investing in vacuums that really work.

Available online at Dyson or pick yours up from: Costco, The Bay, Sears, Future Shop, Déco découverte, BestBuy.ca and independent retailers.

Dust bunny illustration credit: cuterinbunnyears.com