La collection de rosés de Moët & Chandon

I’ve learned over the years that I prefer to drink champagne with my girlfriends. The women in my life seem to appreciate the delicate bubbles more than the men I know and love. On top of that, I like to celebrate with pink bubbly and the most girly girlfriends that I love to hang with. I recently had the chance to discover four fine rosé champagnes from the house of Moët & Chandon with their winemaker, Elise Losfelt at Old Montreal’s Art Deco supper club, Harlow. It inspired me to write this guide on when to drink each rosé that we tasted.

Impérial Rosé, $75.25
This is a flamboyant, party rosé – drink it to toast your gal pal’s new job, new house, or new man!

Grand Vintage Rosé 2006, $91.50
A bit more serious, I would drink this one with one of my closest girlfriends after the birth of their first, second or third child, or for their 30th, 40th or 50th birthday.

Grand Vintage Rosé Collection 1999, $141
Even more refined and developed, I’d drink this one with my BFF that I’ve known since childhood and we’d party like it was 1999. We’d recount all the break-ups, make-ups, adventures and misadventures that we’ve been through and toast the ones to come.

Grand Vintage Rosé Collection 1985, $508.50
For this most complex, delicious (and expensive) champagne, I’d save it for my BFF’s retirement or her 65th birthday (in 1985 we were just teenagers!)… or I’d buy us each a bottle if we had just won the lottery!

Whatever the occasion and whatever your champagne budget, I wish you many happy memories with your truest and most effervescent friends!

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