Goûtez l’Été des Premières Fois


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As soon as it starts to get hot out, I start craving a glass of rosé. Rosés are synonymous with sun-soaked terraces, 5 à 7’s with the girls, fish on the bbq and condensation on wine glasses and lips. It’s been way too long since I had the chance to enjoy a nice, cold rosé due to the unbearably long winter.

Thankfully, winter has turned straight into summer and with the hot weather we’ve been having since the beginning of May, I was very happy to have received two new rosés from the SAQ, that were chilling in my fridge last week.

saq-ete-des-premieres-fois-vin-rose-ice-montreal-zurbaines-1 saq-ete-des-premieres-fois-vin-rose-ice-montreal-zurbaines-2

On Friday night, it was hot in my apartment and I was waiting for my guy to arrive for a romantic dinner. I was getting dolled up as if we were going out – a little lipstick, a touch of summer fragrance and a glass of J.P. Chenet Ice rosé in hand. I was told to add a few ice cubes which made the wine very refreshing. I loved the cracking sound the ice made in the glass as I was getting ready. My boyfriend is always late, so I was happy to relax with a rosé and a few Kalamata olives while I waited.

My guy bbq’d salmon steaks on the terrace and the Ice rosé went really well with our fish (luckily, I had not drank it all while I was waiting!). It’s a light, fresh wine with hints of small red berries – a perfect pairing for a pink salmon. It was our first rosé and our first BBQ of the year!

saq-ete-des-premieres-fois-vin-rose-fraise-montreal-zurbaines-1 saq-ete-des-premieres-fois-vin-rose-fraise-montreal-zurbaines-2

The second wine I tested was the Rosé Fraise. I tried it last Saturday afternoon, on my terrace and in my bathing suit because it was still so hot out and I wanted to soak up the sun with a glass of rosé. The Rosé Fraise is a fruity wine made with real strawberries.

It inspired me to pick up a basket of strawberries to decorate my glass with and to eat while lying on my beach towel reading a book. I felt a bit like the girl in Lolita, except that I’m 42 and not 13. Maybe it’s a youth-serum wine!

Find both of these rosés at the SAQ for a limited time and for very reasonable prices ($9.85 for the Rosé Fraise and $13.25 for the Ice Rosé). At least try my favourite – the Ice Rosé – I think you’ll like it!

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