(English) Reebok ZPump Fusion

When Reebok teamed up with Joys of Living, a new juice bar in Saint-Henri, I was happy to take them up on testing a pair of their new ZPump Fusion running shoes during a group 4k run. Remember the Reebok pump shoes of the late 80s? If you’re an 80s child, these should take you there: Reebok pump 1989
The 2015 pump runner is a bit more streamlined…
Reebok Zpump fusions
Once we all got our shoes on (they are a little difficult to put on because there is no tongue or back tab to grab onto – that’s my only criticism), we adjusted the fit by squeezing the pumps (a little round thing at the back of the shoe). 1, 2 or 3 pumps and they fit snugly to your foot! And then we hit the streets of Saint-Henri…like a gang of fitness freaks.

Carrie MacPherson Reebok
Dapper ran with us, too!
Joys Juice Run
Back at Joys of Living, we refueled with these amazing freshly cold-pressed power juices…

Joys Juice Saint-Henri
The girls from Joys of Living…Go see them! (Ps: they also deliver!)
Joys Juice Girls
The running gang
Joys of Living run group Joys of Living Saint-Henri
How did the shoes perform? Awesome. I didn’t get shin splints and they were light and comfortable. I liked them so much, I decided to wear them for my 5k run I did during the BANQUE SCOTIA 21K DE MONTREAL last Sunday.

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All photos: © Jon Carlo Tapia