(English) Sephora and Pantone Universe: It takes two to tango!

Beauty mecca Sephora and master of colour Pantone Universe™ team up to bring us some very hot ticket items this spring. Although I don’t see myself wearing it on my lips, cheeks and eyelids, I instantly jumped on the tangerine tango (official “it” colour of 2012) train when I discovered these two items at the launch of Sephora’s Spring/Summer collection:

Tangerine Tango Brush Set
Already adorning my makeup shelf, this set is made to be put on a pedestal. Actually, it comes with one – a minimalist white acrylic stand to display the brushes in when not in use. The set includes one of each of these brushes: powder, blush, foundation, shadow and crease. The fiery orange bristles offset by an elegant transparent handle make a vibrant statement in any gal’s boudoir or bathroom.

Tangerine Tango Makeup Bag ($35)
I like to carry an emergency makeup kit in my purse wherever I go and with this elegant, bright-bright orange weave-patterned bag, I’ll be sure not to forget to grab it as I head out the door. It’s definitely not going to go missing even in my biggest shoulder bag either unless a friend decides she likes it better than me!

Sephora is opening their first downtown Montreal location in June, so soon we’ll be able to get all our beauty-staples in one shop, but until then you can get these limited edition items at the Fairview Pointe Claire location or online.

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