Nespresso Tanim de Chiapas

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Nespresso. I was introduced to their machines and coffees when I was living in Switzerland, before they even landed on North American soil. Not only did I love the no-mess coffee making experience, I also loved the colourful little capsules. I have my favourites, but I always hoped that one day, they would make a hot pink capsule! Well, my wait is over because Nespresso has just released two limited edition Pure Origin coffees and the Tanim de Chiapas, Mexico is hot pink with little blue flowers on top. You can’t get any girlier! The intensity is a 7 on the Nespresso intensity scale which is just the right amount of caffeine for me. The Arabica is smooth and flavourful – perfect served as an espresso. Order yours online or run to the Nespresso boutique before they run out! (Or before I buy them out of these, their prettiest ever, capsules!)

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