My Top Five Montreal Restaurants of 2016

I honestly don’t eat out often enough. 2016 was a particularly bad year for me as far as restaurant outings go because I just didn’t have the budget for it after we bought our house (bye, bye disposable income!), but there will always be a reason to celebrate and therefore, I’d like to believe that in 2016 I chose my restaurants wisely. Here are my favourite Montreal restaurant meals of 2016
My number one meal in 2016 was at Foxy. I just love the ambiance, decor, drinks, the (not overpriced) wine list, service, food and the fact that I went with my BFF from NYC was just the icing on the cake. I love their flatbread pizzas and the roast chicken is THE BEST ROAST CHICKEN ever. Here’s to going back more often in 2017.
Foxy Photos: Carrie MacPherson Lili.Co
My number two restaurant meal of 2016 was surprisingly, the same weekend as my meal at Foxy. (Hey, when your BFF is in town, you go all out!) This time I was with two of my best girlfriends and we were seated at the kitchen counter. I loved watching the meals being prepared by Chef David Pellizzari while we caught up on plenty of meaty girl talk. Word of warning – the Chef hears everything! What I also loved about our meal (we shared various dishes) was that the two things I wouldn’t have ordered ended up being my favourites. Especially the cantaloupe and tomato salad – normally, I don’t like cantaloupe, but this was amazing. And I would say that the Sea Parsley Cake, which sounded gross, was one of the most unique and memorable desserts I had in 2016.
Photos: Lili.CoFiorellino Snack Bar
My number three (and four) meals (because I went twice in less than two weeks) were at Fiorellino. The first time, I went with a girlfriend and we ate like Italian queens. Favourite dishes were: the Burrata with mushrooms, the Gnocchi pomodoro and the Pappardelle with ground pork and cabbage. We especially overdid it on desserts. The homemade Bombolone toast with mascarpone and cherries was the bomb. It was also the size of a regular brunch French toast. Go carbs go!

Fiorellino Photos: Monique Weston (Facebook) and Carrie MacPherson (Instagram)M.Mme
I loved my experience at the newly opened M.Mme on Laurier, as I wrote earlier here. More than just a wine bar, the dishes created by Stelio Perombelon are just divine and the place is perfectly cozy-intimate-chic for a tête-à-tête with your guy or gal pal. I believe M.Mme may become my new go-to wine bar (Pullman used to hold that honour).
Photos: Carrie MacPhersonDominion Square Tavern
Although not new, Dominion remains my happy place. I treated myself to soup and pan-seared salmon for lunch at the bar on my birthday in October and it still lives up to all my expectations. Great service, food, prices and you can’t beat that Old-London-tavern vibe or the friendly white-collared and bow-tied wait staff. Shout out to manager Virginie for offering me my glass of birthday wine!
Me, at Dominion Square Tavern on my birthday.

What were your favourite restaurants in 2016? Btw, your favourite article of 2016 was the Canal Lounge!

Note: all meals were paid for by myself, except M.Mme which was comped.