Brunch is by far my favourite meal and I am happiest when out for brunch with friends. Not long ago, I was invited to try the entire new brunch menu at Restaurant Miel in Pointe-Saint-Charles and there were a few dishes that I will definitely go back for.

Here’s what I would order again:

The homemade flatbread with Matane shrimp, avocado and deviled eggs is such a fresh and flavourful dish.The Mediterranean Chakchouka with lamb, merguez and roast peppers was my favourite dish. Given the chef’s Moroccan background, he really makes this dish stand out. I also loved Hakim Chajar’s take on the classic steak and eggs, served with crispy hashbrowns and a tomato-y relish.For me, brunch is not brunch without a mimosa, but at Miel they take it a step further with their delicious and healthy-tasting cocktails. I loved this green concoction with gin, cucumber, basil and lemon. It’s got a great name, too – the Holy Spirit.This new brunch menu will be available starting Sunday – take Mom or just take yourself and enjoy!!
2194 Centre Street