Mon concours #MomentsFiesta

I’ve noticed that the sun is not rolling out of bed as early as I do, neither does it linger in the evening like it did all summer. This has me feeling a little nostalgic for the good times I had when the sun was still strong and when fall seemed a million miles away. With Labour Day long weekend coming up, I’m happy to have one last fling with summer in the form of a road trip with my BFF, Tanya, and the 2014 Ford Fiesta for a girlfriend getaway to the Big Apple! The trip was in the works even before Ford asked if I would be a Fiesta Moments guest blogger, but adding a little Fiesta to the mix can only make our road trip all the more memorable. I can’t wait to hit the highway behind the wheel of this cute and fun car with my best gal pal by my side. Want to have your own Fiesta Moment? Read on!

Flash back to earlier this summer: I’d just returned from a trip out west when I rendez-vous’d with Tanya at Alexandraplatz so we could fill each other in on all that we’d done over the past two weeks and what was coming up. That’s when Tanya mentioned she was heading to NYC on the long weekend and I immediately asked if I could join her. There’s nothing like just coming back from a trip and then spontaneously plotting your next one. Lucky for us, it worked out that we could turn the trip into a Fiesta Moment. (For some reason, the Mexican hat dance erupts in my head whenever I say Fiesta Moment!)

Tanya and I once met up in NYC a few years ago, but this will be the first time we drive there together. Since she’s the most easy-going and entertaining person I know, spending seven hours in a car together will be one of the highlights of the trip (and she always has a great play list). We’ll be staying at her girlfriend’s in Brooklyn, our favourite neighbourhood in New York. I hope to visit the Brooklyn Museum again, but mostly I just want to hang out with the girls and discover some cool places to eat and drink. Lucky for me, Tanya heads there often so it’ll be like having my own personal guide. I’ll do the driving and she can point me in the right direction. Who knows what’s in store for us this weekend, but one thing’s for sure, we are going to have a blast!

Now, I’m curious… what would YOU do if you had a Ford Fiesta for a weekend? Let me know by leaving a comment and on Sept. 10th, I’ll pick the one that I think is the most original. (I admit, road-tripping to NYC is not the most original idea J!) What do you win? A pre-loaded credit card with $150 to help you create your own Fiesta Moment. And if you’d like to join me on my trip, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @eatdrinkbcarrie and be sure to tune into our Fiesta Moments Twitter chat on Sept. 12th from 3 to 4 p.m. to find out whose Fiesta Moment I chose. Good luck!

– Carrie

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