Liquid Pleasures at Bar Nacarat

Since NACARAT opened, in the recently renovated Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, I could not wait to go. Last Sunday, I finally got the chance to try it with a few journalists who were also invited by the hotel. My experience lived up to what I expected from a sophisticated bar, with an elaborate cocktail list created by talented mixologists. Next time you’re looking for a place to enjoy an intimate cocktail with your partner or best friend, Nacarat is a not-to-be-missed experience.

One thing that is unique to Nacarat is the “amuse-bouche” – a mini drink served to each customer when they arrive. This welcome elixir is always alcohol-free and served in a delicate crystal liqueur glass.

We sat at the bar to have the best view of barmen Kevin and Nabil at work. I chose my first cocktail based on the recommendation of my host, Michele. The Angus Knows! is one of the signature cocktails and is made with gin, yogurt liqueur, sudachi lime, agave and lemongrass. The mix of flavours is impressive, but the cocktail tastes a bit like dessert because of the very rich yogurt liqueur. Which is not a fail, but rather a very easy-to-drink cocktail. Maybe too easy, in my case.

My second choice was stronger and more of a sipping drink. My favourite cocktails are closer to the classic martini, so the Perfect Martinez from the Classics Perfected selection of the menu was right up my alley. Made with: Botanist gin, Cointreau, sweet and dry Vermouths.

The barmen can also whip up a pretty non-alcoholic version of a cocktail for you. This one (shown above) was created for one of our group.

For your first visit to Nacarat, I suggest you take a seat at the bar, so you can enjoy watching the mixologists do their thing. There you will witness the love and talent that is put into each cocktail. Not only will you be impressed by the talents of the barmen, you will also get an idea of which drink you would like to try next…I’m already looking forward to my next Nacarat cocktail!

900, boul. René-Lévesque West