Bedroom makeover with Mobilia

I was hoping to one day collaborate with Mobilia because it’s a local Montreal furniture company that I’ve always liked, but I thought that would be further down the road. Then a photographer for reached out to ask if I would be willing to have my home featured on HGTV’s website for their Great Canadian Homes series. I immediately thought “Of course!” At the same time, I panicked because I had not yet finished all the decor projects that I had in mind for the house.

I quickly reached out to the public relations team for Mobilia to ask for help. Mobilia came to my rescue for our bedroom by sending over (the day before the photo shoot!): two rugs, an accent chair and four cushions to help style the bedroom for the HGTV home tour.

I had put together a mock-up (here below) in Photoshop with the items I had found on their website to show how I intended to style the pieces with my existing antique furniture.

I love how it all came together and how well the Mobilia additions compliment the antique pieces I own to create an elegant mix of old and new while staying true to my style which I like to describe as Victorian-chic.

Mobilia was founded in the 60s and is still helping Montrealers find contemporary furniture that is stylish, fairly priced and well made. I was particularly impressed by the delivery service and the quality of the pieces. I noticed that both rugs have labels attesting to the fact that they were ethically made – which is hard to find at more mainstream furniture companies.

If you’re thinking of acquiring new pieces for your home, I’ve included links to the items I used for my bedroom below.


SCARLET – retro-inspired velvet accent chair  – $899
(available in three different colours, I chose Beige but it’s more like a champagne pink)

SITA – velvet cushion – $69 (Green, but more like a lovely sage green)

ETHOS rug – $637, in Cognac, but it appears more like a Bordeaux colour in person
(only available as a floor model in certain stores)

EWEN DECO rug – on sale for $557 – Beige (more of a pale green in reality)

Many thanks to Mobilia for helping me turn my bedroom into a plush and cozy haven in a heartbeat!

Next week, I’ll be sharing the HGTV home tour with you.

Note on this collaboration: Mobilia provided me with the items used in this article, opinions are still my own.