(English) Banque Scotia 5k de Montréal

Most runners will probably agree that in the past week, when we lace up, we can’t help but experience a humble and silent moment for the many runners and bystanders who were at the Boston marathon. Although we were all deeply saddened by the tragedy, it’s become an incredible motivator and inspiration for even the shortest runs. Suddenly my participation in this weekend’s Banque Scotia 5k has an added purpose: to run for freedom and peace. When fear tries to knock us down, we need to stand up, brush ourselves off and keep running. This Sunday I’ll be running to support a local charity, but also because I support participating in any activity without fear.

Sunday morning I’ll be running for Fondation Famijeunes, a family community center located in St-Henri that offers support to families in need. If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so by clicking here.

Only five days left to train and I’ve been putting the tips I received from pro-runner and trainer, Louis to good use. Louis works at Boutique Endurance (THE best place to buy good running shoes) and he also just launched a running journal and practical tips book (in French) called “Courir.” You can purchase it at most bookstores or at Boutique Endurance.

Gotta run!

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