A Dog’s Purpose

Everyone knows how much I love my dog, but some may not know why I have a dog. When I moved to Montreal 16 years ago, my biological clock kicked in. I knew I wasn’t ready to have a child, but then I started noticing other young women in my neighbourhood with their dogs and so I decided I needed a dog. I figured I would have a little furry friend to care for and who would keep me company and fill that place in my gut that told me I wanted a baby. That was 2001! Now it’s 2017 and I’m sharing my life with my second dog (the first one lived to be twelve), Dapper who basically goes wherever I go and who brings me (and many others) so much joy.Last week, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment sent a care package for Dapper and I with the movie, A Dog’s Purpose. I was looking forward to watching the movie as I’d already seen the trailer online a few times (and cried every time). In the package, we also received the book that the movie is based on, written by W. Bruce Cameron, as well as a Frisbee that Dapper loves, as he is Frisbee-obsessed.Saturday night, I made some popcorn and opened a bottle of wine (because I knew I would cry and thought it would make the movie less sad), but when we got to the part where it gets sad (I won’t spoil it for you!), the floodgates opened. I had to pause the movie and hug Dapper extra hard. When I could control my crying, I pushed play and watched the movie until the end. I can tell you that the movie does end on a happy note!Since we watched the movie, I have been reading the book and it’s interesting to read it from the dog’s point of view (which is also how it is filmed in the movie version). Both the book and the movie have made me appreciate Dapper even more (if that’s even possible) and made me want to spend more time just throwing a Frisbee for him, because it’s what makes him happy. His happiness depends entirely on me. Taking time out of my busy day to throw a Frisbee, take a walk on the mountain or around our neighbourhood changes my mood instantly. I’m a much calmer person when I’m focused on Dapper instead of my phone or my computer.You don’t need to be a dog lover to enjoy this movie. It’s basically a philosophical journey about the meaning of life. It asks that age-old question, “Why am I here?”. I think everyone can get something out of this film and even if you don’t like dogs, you might be a little kinder toward them after you see it. I know that as soon as I finish the book, I’ll watch it again and yes, I’ll still cry! If you’d like to see it, the movie is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. PLUS, Universal Pictures have given me 5 copies to give away here. Just comment below why you’d like to see it. I’ll choose 5 random winners on Monday, May 8th 2017.

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