(English) Winter guide to cocooning

With these icy temperatures, we need to spend less time going out and more quality time bundled up inside. Here are my suggestions for a cozy night at home.

Warm & fuzzy blanket
Little Burgundy sent me this awesome Pendleton blanket for Christmas and I gave it to my guy so that we can bundle up at his chillier apartment and watch movies. Bonus: it’s currently on sale for about half the original price!
Available at Little Burgundy online or in-store for $62.99 (regular $110)

Warm & wooly socks
I have a pair of cashmere Instance socks that I looooove (I even wear them on the plane when I travel). Unfortunately that particular sock is out of stock, but check out this sock-monkey model!
About $10 at Simons, Empire, Underworld, Little Burgundy

Watch a documentary
Recently, my guy and I watched the award-winning doc Up The Yangzte by Montrealer Yung Chang. It’s a heart-wrenching global issues documentary following a Chinese family as their home slowly gets destroyed by the rising waters of the Yangtze River, caused by the largest hydroelectric dam in history.
Available to watch on NFB.ca  for only $o.99 (for 48 hours).

Love tea –  yes, please!
Winter in Løv is the new blend from the chic brand of organic teas, Løv Organic. Comes in a silver tin and is a delicious mix of black tea and spices like: ginger, carob, licorice and almonds. Like a hot and sexy Scandinavian treat!
Available at fine food stores (I saw them at Le Cartet in Old Montreal) for $18.

Hot toddy? Even better!
I like to add a shot of rum to my tea to warm myself up even more.

Dark chocolate
I recently discovered Valhrona chocolate on my press trip to the Rhône-Alpes and fell in love with their rich dark chocolates. Like this Grand Cru Abinao (made from African cocoa beans) which has an intense and lingering flavour.
About $7 (available in places like Le Cartet in Old Montreal).

Happy Cocooning!