(English) Urbana bikes: From A to B with U

For the past two months I’ve been testing a hot pink (Sangria) three-speed commuter bike from Urbana Bikes that I nicknamed Zurbana. She and I have been going to a lot of events and cocktail parties and have become quite close. Zurbana has a lot of great qualities – her step-through frame is practical for ladies like me who prefer to cycle in skirts and dresses. What else I love about her:

1) Her super-wide Nid de poule (pothole) tires get me over anything
2) She’s super photogenic! We get a lot of compliments on the streets
3) Her cushy seat (no more sore lady bits!)
4) She’s got a nice rack – yep, and her rack can take a lot of weight, 120 pounds to be exact. She’s a toughie!
5) You can take her shopping – her rack is designed so that you can attach two reusable shopping bags securely

A few more things you should know about her:
1) Her sturdy aluminum frame means she’s pretty heavy, so you have to be able to lift her to get her up the stairs (this was the only time we had “words”)
2) She can also come with either seven or eight speeds (which might have been better for me, considering Montreal is a bit of a mountain)
3) You can use her with a battery (electric assist for lazy bike lovers)
4) She comes in 12 colours!
5) Guys can ride her, too! (she’s unisex)

I’m sad that our relationship has come to an end because I have to give her back to Urbana Bikes, but at least I’ll have the memories and cycle-chic pics!

If you’re thinking of getting a bike this summer, there’s a cool tool on their website to help you choose which bike is right for you: http://www.urbanabikes.com/hood

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