One weekend, two weddings and a Chevrolet Cruze

I don’t usually have very many weddings to attend. Maybe it’s because most of my friends are in their 40s and are already hitched or not planning on it. This year, I was lucky to be invited to two weddings on the same weekend! I wasn’t exactly sure how we were going to swing it with one wedding being a three-day extravaganza in the Townships and the other being held on the second day, back in Old Montreal. Thankfully, Chevrolet Canada offered me a Chevrolet Cruze for a week of my choice anytime this summer, so of course I chose the week I needed to be in two very different places at the same time.

Not only did Chevrolet deliver the car right to my doorstep, they also gave me a Mature-ish package (The Car For The Mature-ish is their slogan for the Chevrolet Cruze, targeted at people like me who are doing their best at acting like an adult, but not always succeeding ;)) including a VISA gift card to help me have an unforgettable and mostly mature-ish long weekend.chevrolet-cruze-5On the Friday, I packed the Cruze with everything we needed for our first wedding celebration activity in the Townships. Since the first wedding couple have two dogs, they chose a pet-friendly hotel and invited their guests to bring their dogs along. I’m dog-sitting my Mom’s mini-Schnauzer for a month while she’s away on her own road trip, so I brought two mini Schnauzers along for the ride to Magog-Orford! OMAGOG!dapper-and-lexi-1We set off in our Chevy Cruze with my guy’s golf clubs, two dogs, snacks and our luggage. Since I’d already driven the Cruze around the city, I let my guy drive while I : navigated (Not! Google Maps did that for me), surfed the web (the Cruze had its own Wifi thanks to an option called OnStar!), played DJ (the car also had SiriusXM® Satellite Radio), played back-seat driver (sorry, Babe!) and snacked (What’s a road trip without chips?). So mature, right?

hamburgerWe got to the hotel where our friends-to-be-married were hosting a bbq and movie night. Burgers and The Goonies…What?! I felt 13 again!
chevrolet-cruze-2chevrolet-cruze-3Saturday we drove back to Montreal where we had another couple to celebrate at the Science Centre’s Belvedere. I got all dressed up (see my outfit post here) for this one because I knew it was going to be a classy cocktail party. As chic as it was, they surprised us at the end of the night with the Pops-Art scooter. I had three popicles and danced until I could no longer feel my toes. As we walked home, I was wishing the Chevy Cruze was like the artificially intelligent car KITT in Knight Rider so I could just call it and it would come pick us up. One day, Chevy, one day!jess-and-eman-popsart
Sunday we headed back to Magog with the dogs and attended the most charming wedding ceremony by a little pond. There was even a dog-whisperer who shuttled all the dogs back to the hotel before dinner. The reception was held in a gorgeous refurbished barn – it was the most Pinterest wedding I’d ever been to! I wore my Mom’s acid-washed denim dress from the 80s – my tribute to a country wedding with an 80s
jean-dresspinterest-country-weddingMonday, we said goodbye to the bride and groom (and their fur babies) and then spent the day in the Townships. We hit up a few yard sales, went on a nature walk, had a picnic by the lake in North Hatley and then headed back to Montreal.

north-hatleyorfordIt was a great weekend, even if it was somewhat hectic. A weekend of friendship, love and 80s nostalgia. I would say it was perfectly Matur-ish.

Congrats to Tara & Carlos, Jess & Eman! Thank you for including us in your celebrations.

Thanks to Chevrolet Canada for helping us get around by lending me the Cruze for a week and for the pre-paid VISA which helped pay for our hotel room and gas.

If you’re thinking of a new car… the Cruze is pretty crush-worthy!

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