(English) Boutique Endurance starts you off on the right foot

I decided to run in the 5k media challenge this weekend as part of the Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal and since I don’t really consider myself a runner (unless running from cocktail to cocktail in high heels counts), I also decided that it was time I had some proper running shoes. Armed with my Longchamp bag filled with my old questionable running shoes, I headed to Boutique Endurance on Saint-Denis where I met with Pierre Léveillé. Not only is he the owner of Montreal’s most reputed running store, but also a running trainer, a Kinesiologist and former Olympic athlete. Obviously, I knew my feet were in good hands!

After showing Pierre my collection of what he quickly assessed as mediocre or unsuitable running shoes, he asked me to run barefoot on a specific area of the store. Watching my stride, Pierre gave me his verdict: “you have a runner’s stride” and went on to explain that 80% of people run on their heels, while I run more on the balls of my feet. That translated into me being able to run in almost any type of running shoe, making my shopping experience all the more enjoyable. With over 300 types of shoes to choose from, I settled for a pair of nice, light and flexible raspberry-coloured Asics.

As to the fate of my bag full of dud-runners – I left them with Pierre who ships old running shoes off to Africa. Leaving the store with a stylish and functional pair of running shoes and a Good Samaritan feeling was exactly the motivation I needed to start training for the 5k run. Continuing with the charitable spirit, on Sunday I’ll be running for Fondation Famijeunes, a family community center located in St-Henri. If you’d like to make a difference in underprivileged families lives, you can do so by clicking here.

Only three days left ’till race day! Getting a little nervous, but at least I have the right shoes for the course.

Boutique Endurance

6579, rue St-Denis

514 272-9267
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