(English) National Donate Your Hair Day

Carrie MacPherson
A new haircut always makes me feel like a new woman, so I can only imagine the feeling a woman must get when she donates her hair to a charity that makes real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair through their battle with cancer. Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program has been collecting healthy lengths of hair for a few years now to create wigs and offers them to women who are battling cancer. If you have long hair (at least 8 inches), this Saturday, October 19th, you can head to one of the participating hair salons: Salon Funky Toque, DRU Coiffure or V pour Victoire to donate your hair. If your hair is too short, you can simply visit the Pantene Canada Facebook page and like it so that $1 will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Better yet, if you care to make a donation, you can do so year-round by visiting: pantenebeautifullengths.ca.

Denis Binet

Chopping it off

I spoke with Denis Binet, Pantene’s spokesperson and stylist and he and I were marvelling at how attached some women are to their hair. He said, “It’s only hair. If you cut your hair, it’s not like losing a limb or an organ, it’ll grow back!“ Not only that, change is good. Changing your hair is liberating. Why not do it for a good cause? Or, at least, do it for yourself. Keeping that in mind, I asked Denis to cut my hair and I said that I wanted to see his vision for my hair. A lot of locks collected around my feet and afterwards, I felt renewed. Even though I did not have the required eight inches of hair to donate, I felt I could still encourage other women to take on the challenge, by stepping out of my own comfort zone. My hair is down and now I hope that at least one person who reads this will step up to the plate. Please donate.

Share your new do’s by tweeting @cancersociety or post a photo on Pantene Canada’s Facebook page. Hashtag: #PonyItUp.