(English) Massimo Dutti makes its Canadian debut

Massimo Dutti canadian affair
From the same family as Zara, the more grown-up Spanish heritage brand, Massimo Dutti, is now available to Canadians via their hassle-free e-commerce site, which launched last Thursday. I had not even heard of the brand before they sent me an e-vite to pre-shop the collection last week. Armed with a secret code and motivated by the expiry date (I needed to make a purchase by the 21st), I stayed up past my bedtime oscillating between a classic knit blazer and a pair of shiny leather ankle boots. Thanks to a little voice inside my head (acutally, my boyfriend’s telling me not to overspend), the blazer finally won the battle, and since it rang in under the amount I had to play with, I quickly clicked a silky scarf into the virtual cart as well. With the self-congratulatory demeanour of someone who didn’t go over my (gifted) budget, I was finally able to fall asleep, wondering how long it would take for my sleek new acquisitions to arrive.

Massimo dutti blazer
That was Sunday night and first thing Monday morning I received the tracking number via email, and two days later my coveted knit blazer for fall was already in my eager hands. Impressed? Yes!  I hadn’t even opted for the express shipping. Standard is mighty speedy indeed. Now, some of us avoid shopping online for the fear of having the thing we really want not fit. Not the case with Mr. Massimo: A size six is a size six, and thankfully the blazer fits like he’d tailored it just for me.

Massimo Dutti Equestrian
Wondering what style of clothing you’ll find on the site? Sleek and sophisticated, or the type of clothes you would just naturally gravitate to if you were from an old-money family? For example: Just today, Massimo sent me an email introducing me to his urban equestrian collection, and now I’m tempted to order a get-up to go with a virtual steed. You know, I would walk around the city in my riding boots and polo shirts, making people think that I just returned from my ranch in the Townships. Thanks, Massimo, for giving me yet another outlet to indulge my clothes-horse ways!

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