(English) Big in Japan Bar

I haven’t heard that much buzz about a bar in Montreal since Philémon opened its doors in the Old Port over a year ago. So, I decided to check it out one night with Claude (who, by the way is an expert on finding hot places to go out) and fortunately, we arrived right before the BIG rush. Located on the main just below Rachel and behind a very nondescript red door, the Big in Japan Bar instantly gives you the impression of a secret speakeasy. Although it’s not such a secret anymore because it’s quickly become the most sought-after bar on the Plateau – and, with good reason. Once inside, you’ll marvel at the contemporary design and the warm ambient light provided by the Japanese whiskey bottles suspended from the ceiling that reflect a multitude of tea lights dotting the bars.

Deciding what to drink depends only on your mood. Cold sake for a cool customer, Japanese prune alcohol on ice for a jet-set gent, Japanese whiskey for the smooth operators, or a traditional Pimm’s cup for the classy clients. Feeling a little tarty in my tight green top, I opted for a tart Tom Collins, prepared right in front of me by the head barman who looked himself, like he’d stepped out of the prohibition era with his waxed mustache, crisp white shirt and black bow tie. Sipping our cocktails, we enjoyed watching the bartenders shake their shakers, dish out little appetizers and hustle up and down the bar, which is not up against a wall, allowing the clientele to be served from all sides.

I suggest you stake out your spot at the bar soon, since Big in Japan is already pretty BIG in Montreal!

Big in Japan Bar
4175 Saint-Laurent Boulevard
(438) 380-5658

Monday – Sunday, 17h – 3h

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