Easyflash – Affordable photo shoots in a flash

I used to work as a professional photographer shooting portraits, events, families, even weddings. I realized back then that not everyone could afford to hire a professional photographer because it was rather expensive to pay someone with experience. Now that we’re in the digital age, it seems everyone is a photographer which makes it challenging to find a competent one that fits both your style and budget. Recently, I was approached by Easyflash.co, a new concept website for hiring local photographers for free. You read that right, the photo shoot is free – you don’t pay the photographer for the shoot, only for the photos you want to keep afterward. Here’s how it works…

  1. Go to the website and create an account
  2. Enter the location (which city your photo shoot will take place) – there are currently 17 locations available
  3. Enter a date for your photo shoot
  4. Click on Book Your Free Photo Shoot and a photographer will be in touch within 2hours

Or, you can do as I did and browse the photographers available in your city and then book a date and time with the one you prefer. I looked through the twenty Montreal photographers available and chose Anna because she had the most experience, positive reviews and I liked her style of photography. You can even choose the type of photo shoot you’re looking for in the drop down menu “Category”.The day of the shoot, Anna came to my home, but you can choose to meet wherever you would like to have your photos taken. She spent an hour shooting three different themes for me that I later used for my blog and Instagram posts. We managed to basically shoot three photo shoots in one, all in under an hour.After the photo shoot, the photographer sends you low-res versions of the photos from the shoot and then you can choose to purchase only the ones you love. The photographers on Easyflash.co offer very reasonable packages starting at three high-resolution photos for $39 and up to $149 for 60 high-res photos. Still a lot less expensive than hiring a pro.If you need photos for a special occasion, or even just to update your profile pic on Facebook, LinkedIn or a dating app, I would give EasyFlash.co a go!


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