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The buzz about bees lately is that the world’s honey bee population is diminishing drastically. Surely you’ve already seen this photo below of blue honeycomb produced by French bees who were feeding off the sugary waste of an M&M factory just 4km away from their bee hives. Well, now you can pick up a little blue box from Birks to help Canadian honey bees. Birks has partnered with the Honey Bee Research Centre at the University of Guelph and is giving 10% of sales from their Birks Bee Chic honeycomb-shaped silver pendant to the centre. Bling for bees…yes, please!

coloured honeycomb

The Bee Chic pendant in sterling silver comes with a honey-coloured citrine accent on the chain and sells for $150 (10% for the bees!).


See the rest of the Birks Bee Chic collection here. I love this gold honeycomb band. And a little bee told me there will be golden bees to follow this first collection of honeycomb-inspired pieces! Watch for the Birks Bee Sweet and Birks Busy Bee collections… coming soon!
Birks Bee chic gold band
What else can you do for the bees? If you have a yard or balcony be sure to create a bee-friendly garden. Birks recently installed a haven for urban bees on their flagships’ rooftop…and it’s now home to over 30,000 bees!

Birks urban beekeeping

If you’d like to learn more about urban beekeeping, this Montreal organization can help you: Alvéole

Let’s bring back the bees!

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Blue honeycomb photo source: National Geographic