(English) Statement headphones for stylish women

Diamond Tears – The ultimate bling for your ears
You definitely won’t go unnoticed with these babies on your ears. Better than real diamonds because they make your music explode with astounding sound. I was listening to a song that I had heard many times before when suddenly I heard water dripping and it was so crystal clear, I actually checked my sink. Nope, it was just a track in the song that my regular old headphones hadn’t picked up…my introduction to high-end technology. Designed by Monster and Korean engineer/songwriter/producer/actor JYP (whose label includes the Wonder Girls), these are one set of tears you won’t want to shed!

Monster Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones
Available at BestBuy.ca for $349.99

Urbanears Zinken headphones

Urbanears – Zinken
Made for urban DJs and Divas alike, these fun headphones come in ten fab colours and are some of the comfiest I’ve tried. The other great features are: the swivel ear caps, the TurnCable with a mixer plug and a smaller plug attachment for your smart phones or MP3 players and the ZoundPlug which allows your friends to plug in to your headphone so that you can both listen at the same time. Extra points for the sleek packaging!
Zinken headphones

Urbanears Plattan headphones

Ubanears – Plattan
I have the grape Plattans and I love them for their colour, size and comfort. They are the perfect classic headphone that you can take anywhere and they sound great, too. I take them everywhere because they fold up so easily – I even took them on my cruise in September. I really like the fabric cord which looks like a shoe lace, the ZoundPlug for sharing music with a friend and, that they totally match my old iPod case! Plattan’s come in 12 fashion-colours (including denim) so a true fashionista will want one of each.
Plattan headphones

Zinken and Plattan headphones Urbanears
Look how the ZoundPlug connects one set of headphones to another so two people can enjoy the same tune at the same time.

Both the Zinken and Plattan are available at Off The Hook 

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Sennheiser HD 229
Sennheiser – HD 229
The HD 229’s are a more fashionable version (and very “zurbaine” with the white/orange combo) of their previous model, the all-white HD 228’s which Tanya reviewed in February. By adding a splash of colour to their already great sound quality, they have won us over once again. And, lucky for you – at the moment they are half price at Future Shop! Fashion for less, is always in style.
Sennheiser HD 229
Available at FutureShop.ca for $49.95 (until October 19th)

I leave you with this video where you can see the Diamond Tears headphones in action. Watch as they magically appear on one of the Wonder Girls at the 3:20 mark.