(English) RYU: Japanese chic dinner & drinks

Last Thursday, RYU (dragon in Japanese) celebrated its first anniversary with the launch of a fresh new menu created by chef Alexandre Cohen. Since I loved their previous menu, I went with my press posse to check out what’s new and what favourites they kept for fans like myself who would hate to see hits like their popcorn shrimp and the superb Ryu tartar disappear. Luckily, the popcorn shrimp is still on the must-order list, but with a twist – now served with a slightly spicy aioli sauce – I have to say that I like those addictive little crustaceans even better now! A brand new addition to the menu is Alexandre’s pulled pork mini taco: a two or three bite taco that may not be the most lady-like thing to order, but I still managed to eat a few without spoiling my new threads.

A variety of meticulously prepared sushi were also tasted and approved, but it was the pretty new cocktails that were the photo-worthy, must-have-at-least-one-of-each menu items for my gang of gals, making RYU still the perfect hot spot for a chic night out with your BFFs. So, go ahead and set up your next damsel date at the dragon.

288, avenue Laurier West
Reservations : info@ryutapas.com

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