(English) Diesel Fit Your Attitude

Diesel has launched their spring-summer collection of jeans entitled Fit Your Attitude with not only a woman’s specific shape in mind, but also her personality. A jean for every type of gal, or maybe just for one, who likes to change her jeans to fit her every mood. Diesel took the making of this collection further than any previous collection by measuring more than 20,000 women to come up with 6 unique pairs of jeans that will appeal to a wide range of feminine denim lovers.

To introduce the collection to the public, Diesel Canada invited fashion and lifestyle bloggers to Montreal’s flagship store for an evening where they could try on each style and choose the pair that suited them best. Lucky us, but oh was it hard to chose just one pair! Once we’d matched our attitude with a style, the talented hair and make-up artist, Marco Marsolais got us camera ready for local fashion photographer, Jimmy Hamelin who made us work it with our new favourite jeans. 

I tried on three of the six from the collection: the Flairlegg (very 60’s – 70’s) and the Muyguy (boyfriend-leg cut), but I stopped at the Getlegg (slim-fit with a higher back so you don’t show off more than you’d like to) because… well, they just seemed to suit me best. I probably should’ve tried on the Grupee, the Highkee and the Bootzee, but I just felt like staying in the Getlegg. My attitude felt well-fitted.

Which style do you think suits you best?
You can watch all six of the styles in action here:

2114 de la Montagne
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