Nespresso Kazaar

nespresso-kazaar-1For years, my favourite Nespresso coffee was Arpeggio, an intense and creamy espresso (a 9 on the Nespresso intensity scale). Yet, since becoming a Nespresso ambassador, I’ve tried many of their other coffees and now I’m completely obsessed with their Kazaar blend.

Kazaar is part of the Intenso coffee range from Nespresso (and it’s a 12 on their intensity scale!). I love its rich flavour with hints of pepper and its bold crema.It’s the perfect coffee to get me going in the morning and to keep me going throughout the day.
nespresso-kazaar-3Not only is it a great coffee, I love the deep indigo colour of the capsules. I photographed it here with my new Lila & Zuri bracelet (made in Montreal) that a girlfriend gave me for my birthday and with a very fitting Sally Hansen nail polish from their fall 2016 Vintage collection. The colour is called “A Bleu Attitude“, and I think it’s the perfect dark blue for these colder times. What better way to pass a chilly-day moment for yourself than with a rich coffee and a DIY mani?

What is your favourite Nespresso coffee? In my next Nespresso article, I’ll introduce you to the Nespresso Variations collection – a series of flavoured coffees that will only be available for a limited time!

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